Thursday, 6 August 2009

Linzer Delikatess Potatoes

Linzer Delikatess Potatoes

Here's our first crop of potatoes! Linzer Delikatess, a fingerling type salad potato originally from Austria. We planted 2 pounds in the spring, and harvested about 15 pounds of potatoes 85 days later, pretty much on schedule - they were said to mature in 80 days, but we did not sprout or chit them before we planted them and likely we could have harvested them a few days ago had we wished. In spite of our poor, acidic soil they did fine. Potatoes actually like acidic soil, but perhaps they would have done a little better if we had added some compost when we planted them. However, we're pleased with what we got. It's hard to find much information about Linzer Delikatess on the internet, but one person said they were a light cropper, and they were also the most expensive seed potato we bought, which also suggests that they are not big croppers.

These are very dainty little potatoes, the largest being not much larger in volume than a golf ball, although considerably more elongated. Many of them are the size of marbles, and a good few were even large pea-sized (although this may be somewhat due to our less than optimum growing conditions.) Linzer Delikatess are generally marketed as "new" potatoes. I don't know how likely you are to find them for sale, but I suspect that if and when you do they will be on the pricey side.

They are a mild, white-fleshed potato with thin golden skins, and a firm to slightly waxy texture. I don't know how well they will keep; as with most small, thin-skinned potatoes, I suspect their keeping quality is likely to be only just fair. It's probably best to serve them steamed or boiled and presented simply, to make the most of their delicate flavour and elfin size, or in the universally recommended potato salads.

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sdrv said...

Nice work! I'm impressed!

I am very envious.


Kevin Kossowan said...

Yum. I just ate my first potatoes from the garden yesterday - what a treat. Cool to hear about other varietals - thanks for sharing.