Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Visit to Owen Sound Farmers Market

Owen Sound Farmers Market River
It was a thoroughly rainy Saturday, but we needed to go to Owen Sound anyway. And I'll never pass up a visit to a farmers market, no matter how bad the weather. By the time we got there, there was a sufficient break in the rain for us to stop and admire the river that flows past the Owen Sound Farmers Market, at 114 8th St. East; open all year on Saturdays.

Outside Owen Sound Farmers Market
We approached the market from the back, which gave us a good view of the outdoor concourse that houses many of the vendors.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Exterior Vendors
In spite of how early it still is in the season, it was well filled with shoppers and vendors. We had thought we were getting there fairly early, but it still took quite a while to find a parking spot. This is a very popular market.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Shrubs and Plants
There were some very interesting and somewhat unusual shrubs on offer.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Cut Tulips
Before we even got into the market I saw customers carrying away bunches of these beautiful cut tulips.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Organic Eggs
Organic eggs and meats, and tomato starts.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Local Rhubarb
We're just starting to see local produce; here are green onions, rhubarb and mint.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Back Door
Like many established year-round markets, the Owen Sound market has an indoor section as well as the outdoor section. Here, it's in a particularly handsome old brick building; not large but well-organized and well-filled.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Pastries
The first thing we spotted when we went in were these delicious-looking pastries.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Hall View
I was struck by the wood panelled ceiling, and the circuit designed to maximize table space and traffic flow.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Coffee and Prepared Food
The indoor tables were rather charmingly battered old wooden ones, with old-fashioned numbers on each one.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Howells Fish
Howell's Fish: I failed to take notes, but I believe I saw a sign announcing their 50th anniversary at the market. Wow! It all looked local, too, and beautifully fresh.

Owen Sound Farmers Market Local Label
Look for the Local Label - you bet!


Marnie said...

Oh, that was good to see, thanks. I grew up going to that market (in the 70s and 80s). The nice cheese man who had a table right inside the door was always happy to give a sample to a little girl. We would buy cheese curds, Howell's fish, summer sausage, local maple syrup, and fresh bread -- heaven!

Ferdzy said...

Glad you liked it, Marnie. It's a great little market, no question.

Bellini Valli said...

I have not been to the market but Owen Sound was a mainstay when I was a child on our way to the cottage.