Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Picard Peanuts in St. Jacobs

We were in Kitchener-Waterloo for the last 4 days; we head down there at the beginning of every month as I am still doing a First-Day (Sunday) school class with Kitchener area Quakers. It's also a great chance to see our friends in the area. While we were there we stopped in at Picard Peanuts in St. Jacobs. It's at 3011 Sawmill Road, at Highway #85, at the roundabout.

Picards Peanuts - The Store
I had always wondered why Picard Peanuts was in Elmira, when Ontario peanuts are grown a fair bit further south, in what used to be tobacco country. However, this store is just one of 7 Picard Peanut stores in southern Ontario. The others are in Talbotville, Fonthill, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Windham Centre, Morriston, and Waterdown. (Note: There are now actually 8, with a new one in Woodstock - see the comments.)

Picard's grow their own peanuts on their farm in La Salette, north of Delhi. They also have Canada's first peanut processing plant, where they process over a million pounds of peanuts a year. In addition to shelling peanuts, they roast and season them, and make a large range of confectionary. Ice cream too.

Picards Peanuts
"Buggy Boyz"?? Who says the Mennonites aren't keeping up with modern culture? Anyway, let's go in.

Picards Peanuts
Not everything they carry is local. The confectionary products (ingredients) and other nut products such as almonds and cashews are from elsewhere, although Picards does manufacture most of the confectionary.

Picards Peanuts
But what they mostly have is peanuts! And more peanuts!

Picards Peanuts
And you will find a lot of Ontario goods, including popcorn.

Picards Peanuts
You can get ready-made peanut butter, but it does contain hydrogenated oil and sugar.

Picards Peanuts
Consequently, we opted to make our own. In the prepared peanuts go at the top...

Picards Peanuts
... and out comes peanut butter at the bottom. You do have to like it crunchy. This was purported to be smooth - definitely not. Fresh and peanutty, though.


Clivia said...

I'm intrigued! I'll have to stop there, next time I go up to the market.
I'm a long time fan of your site. You're the best in Ontario!

Ferdzy said...

Wow, Clivia, I'm blushing! My day is made, too.

TNF said...

I had no clue that a place like Picard's existed in Ontario. Putting it on my summer daytrip list.

Jen said...

I would like to update your information in the Picard's Peanut article. There 8 Picard's Peanut Stores. The one store not listed is located on Dundas Street, Woodstock, Ontario. We have been open now for a year.

Ferdzy said...

Thanks Jen, I've added it to the post.

TheForge said...

We had our first taste of Picard's Peanuts this summer while visiting friends in Kitchener. They were so fresh and delicious! We also enjoyed the Chipnuts. We've got nothing like them back home in Fresno, California. Wish we could get Picard's Peanuts here! :-)