Sunday, 23 November 2008

What I've Been Doing Instead of Cooking & Posting

We've been driving back and forth a lot between our old lives and our new lives, pretty much rigid with stress. Not a good thing when you hit ice on a sharp curve.

Fortunately, we weren't going that fast. The total damage was one cracked hubcap and a bent rim, about 1 hour of our time, and $50 dollars to be fished out of the ditch. Later there was another 4 hours and $80 to replace the rim. That's pretty cheap, as disasters go. And many thanks go out to the 2 kind women who pulled us over (seperately) to tell us that our back wheel was wobbling like mad.

So when is life returning to normal? Next month, I hope. Oh, please! Let it be next month.


Kevin Kossowan said...

Whoah - we're still snow-less. My sympathies..

Ferdzy said...

No SNOW?!?!

Thassit. I'm moving to Saskatchewan.