Thursday, 26 June 2008

Strawberry Agua Fresca

Aguas frescas are traditional Mexican drinks, consisting of water with puréed fruit, lightly sweetened and served ice cold. They are meant to be real thirst-quenchers, so should be heavy on the water and somewhat light on the fruit and sweetener.

These should generally be somewhat chunky. I see a number of recipes for aguas frescas that call for using a blender or food processer to purée the fruit. If you do that, be careful you don't get it too smooth. It definitely should not be strained! (Although I admit I do try to decant it off of the seeds which sink to the bottom.) Ahhh! Can't be beat on a really hot day.

4 to 6 servings
10 minutes

Strawberry Agua Fresca
1 quart (1 litre) strawberries
1/4 cup honey
6 cups water
mint to garnish, optional
squirt of lemon or lime juice, optional

Hull the strawberries, and give them a quick wash. Mash them very well with the honey. Add the water, a bit at a time to start with, mashing and mixing until well combined. Add the rest of the water. Taste it; and adjust with a little lemon or lime juice if you feel it needs to be sharpened a bit.

Serve cold over plenty of ice, garnished with mint if you like.

Last year on this date I was putting strawberries into Birchermeusli.


SherGibson said...

Hello - I stumbled on your blog a couple of week ago and really enjoy your info and have made a few of you recipes with positive reviews! I look forward to testing this one out with my haul of berries.
Today I went to PYO strawberries to make jam and discovered that the season in my area is mostly over :( (Essex County). But oddly enough you can still buy ready picked flats from Blenhiem. However, these strawberries look almost too perfect like Cali berries. Our local ones are usually smallish with lots of seeds and easily blemished but soooo tasty! The ones I found at a roadside stand are medium sized and very pretty and perfect but still taste pretty good. Are there different varieties of strawberries - the ones I got almost seem too perfect?

Ferdzy said...

Hi Sher

Yes, there are numerous different varieties of strawberries. In general, the larger the berry the less intense the flavour, but the bigger the berry, the easier to pick and to ship. As you have noticed, the market is becoming pretty saturated with the big "shippers".

Our local pick-your-own farmer grows several varieties, and my favourite quote from him is "The big ones are in this field. The good ones are in that field." Sums it all up, if you ask me.

The trouble is, even local farmers are taking to growing the big crappy kind. Labour is expensive, and even at pick-your-owns people are getting into the idea that they can pick the big ones faster.

All I can say is, take a stand for the better little berries! Let your farmer and supplier know you can tell the difference, and you want the real thing.

Ferdzy said...

ps, Thanks for trying my recipes! If you have any comments to add to them (positive or negative, or just to add some clarity, that would be fabulous! Thanks for commenting.

Kevin said...

Those look so cool and refreshing. What amazing colours! Nice photo.

kate said...

Hi there - I'm lookin for a recipe for rgubarb strawberry jam - one that doesn't involve using jello, certainly, or bottled pectin, if possible. I make a rhubarb and ginger jam (with juice of one lemon)that sets without any commercial additive, so I'm thinking of adapting that one. All the best Kate