Thursday, 1 November 2007


I haven't vanished from the face of the earth, if anyone is wondering. It's just - sniff - I have lotsa work to do. Two apartments are turning over this month, and all the scrubbing, mopping, painting and general running around that results has been keeping us busy and food has been either very basic or hastily snatched while out doing chores.

On the plus side, just before the sluices opened and the work poured down upon us, I got this lampshade finished. I've only been working on it for almost a year. Or in fact mostly not working on it for much of the year. I know it's not food, but hey! I did make it.*

*Not the actual frame. The frame I got at a second hand shop for $2, and the crochet yarn at a liquidator for $4, and I still have enough to do another. I figure it makes up for the fact that I paid a shocking $20 for the base.


TheRowan said...

Jennifer, I was hoping to find some local food recipies that I can get the kids to eat (3, 6 & 9).
I tried many of the recipies you gave me waaaay back in the '80ies. And they like the baked goods, but I need something different for dinner - usually items that take less than 30 minutes to prepare and get on the table - or the ole- make on the weekend - dole out during the week approach.

Fussy guys that they are they will only lightly touch my back-recipies of Stews & soups.

They are especially sensitive to texture and look so we've been forced to reduce our reliance on freezer kept big meals.

So if you could post some of these?
Variety to include
Kid friendly
Local Food
Some (but not all) Vegetarian dishes.

If you can find some of these that work, I'd also like a pony.

I miss red-lentils.


Ferdzy said...

Hi Helen!

Thanks for commenting.

So what exactly don't your kids like? I mean, I remember when I was a kid, I didn't like hot-dogs, bologna, french fries, mayonnaise, or processed cheese slices*, as well as eggs (especially fried), raw tomatoes and beets. Although I loved beet greens.

I'm assuming these aren't necessarily the things you are having problems with, and wouldn't particularly care if they were...

I gather beans and lentils are some of the things you would like them to eat, and to which they are averse. I do have some recipes for those which I was holding off on til later in the winter when the veggies become scarcer, but I can speed up on posting them if you like. Whether your kids will eat them of course is another question.

*actually, when I think about it these are all somewhat texture problems as well. There are also several items there that I still wouldn't touch with a barge-pole.