Saturday, 20 October 2007

Russet Apples

Russet ApplesRusset apples are a subset of apples, rather than one particular variety - Wikipedia lists 14 different varieties, and there are surely many more. However, I have never seen them sold as anything other than generic russets. The Canadian Apple site lists only Golden Russets for Ontario, so that may very well be what I have been getting. Golden Russets are a variety dating from the mid 1800's in New York State. The tree is hardy and disease-resistant.

They are a medium to small apple, with the typical rough brown patches on the skins which give them their name. Individual apples vary from having little russeting to being completely covered in it. The apples have a fine sweet-sour tangyness, and are good for eating, cooking, cider and drying. In particular, the (presumably hard) cider made from this apple is frequently compared to champagne, which I am inclined to take as hyperbole. We particularly like this apple for munching.

In spite of the rough look of the skin, it is not particularly thick or tough. They can be stored for a little while, but are not one of the better apples for storing, and can be expected to disappear from the markets after Christmas.

Golden Russet Apple on Foodista


Sarah said...

I love these, but always have trouble finding them. Yay for fall!

Igor Zvorygin said...

Ya, I like them too and must admit that they are not only rare in stores, but also a bit on expensive side.
Between September and December, sometimes later, they can be found in Highlang Farm (and Coppa's), or in ethnic Ukrainian and Russian stores.

Dpras said...

I've been to a few orchards in Southwestern Ontario where they have a handful (6-12) of russet apple trees. It's almost a novelty item that they keep it for display. I have loved then since childhood having grown up in Kitchener Waterloo area. Just took my 3 girls apple picking firt week of October, they love the russet apples too.