Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Mutsu or Crispin Apples

Mutsu or Crispin Apples

I suppose I should state my bias up-front: this is my very favourite apple. It's a large, greenish skinned apple with a faint tinge of green to the flesh and a subtle pink flush to the skin. It's juicy, and the sweetness is definitely tempered by tartness, and a pleasant lingering perfume. It keeps quite well - you will see it for sale well into the spring - and is excellent for both eating and cooking. It keeps its' shape very well when cooked. It also works well in salads as it is slower to oxidize than many apples.

Apparently, one of its' parents is "Golden Delicious" - the other is "Indo" - which I find amusing because the "Golden Delicious" is probably my second least-liked apple (second only to "Red Delicious".) Fortunately, I think what "Mutsu" got from "Golden Delicious" was the the keeping qualities, not the flavour.

It is named after a province in Japan, where it was bred in 1948 at the Aomori Apple Experimental Station in Kuroishi. It is a very popular apple in Japan, and has been gaining a lot of notice in North America in the last few years. You will find it most commonly under its' Japanese name, "Mutsu" (sometimes spelled "Mutzu") or under the name "Crispin" as some marketer thought that North Americans couldn't cope with a Japanese name. All he achieved was confusion - now you need to remember two names. However; remember them! And enjoy one of the best apples out there.

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Kevin said...

I have been enjoying the local apples. So far I have tried the Ginger Gold and the Honey Crisp. The Honey Crisp were so good that I just got more of them this week. The mutsu sound nice. I did not see them at the farmers market last weekend. Maybe this weekend.

erin said...

these are some of my favourite apples too. i haven't seen them yet this fall, but i can't wait!

Seraphinalina said...

I feel exactly the same way, this is my favourite apple by far and I really don't like red nor golden delicious apples (particularly red).