Thursday, 18 October 2007

Broccoli Stem Cole-Slaw

Here's another option for those unloved broccoli stems.

4 servings
30 minutes prep time

Broccoli Stem Cole Slaw
the stems from 2 or 3 heads of broccoli (1 bunch)
1 large carrot
2 or 3 green cabbage leaves
1 red cabbage leaf

1 recipe Buttermilk & Herb Salad Dressing

Peel the broccoli stems and the carrot, and grate them both. Discard any tough stringy bits from the broccoli. Wash and shred the cabbage leaves.

Toss the veggies with the salad dressing. Let rest in the fridge for 30 minutes, if you have just made the dressing and it hasn't had a chance yet.


Peter M said...

Wonderful slaw and I love recipes and people who use everything up!

Patricia Scarpin said...

I love this idea - the dish looks so refreshing and colorful!