Saturday, 30 June 2007

A Visit to Cambridge Farmers Market

Well for once no plans for the morning, and we got out of bed at a passably decent hour. I made a list and we headed out to the Cambridge Farmers Market.

This is the first time we have been since they started building a monstrously ugly and as far as I can see completely unneccesary city hall right next to the market, losing about 3/4 of the parking and the same amount of the charm as it is now much harder to see the older buildings. My impression is that the attendance is down by a lot. Although, it is a long weekend so who knows.

The original market building is quite attractive, although most of the action is outside.

Another angle.

Inside there are a lot of meat vendors, as well as a very popular cheese stand, where I got some lovely 2 year old cheddar. There are a couple of bakeries, but one is a chain from Toronto. The other is a British bakery, with a sincere dedication to the white, bland and pasty - it doesn't make me sorry to have to pass it by. Eggs at the far end, as well as Southern Charm Poultry, which carries an impressive range. Look here for ducks, quails, and "capon sized" chickens.*

As well as the cheese, we got some eggs, but as I said, most of the action was outside. We bought some of these beautiful cauliflowers and broccoli, the first of the season.

And a flat of strawberries, probably the last of the season. However, cherries, raspberries and currants are poised to take their place.

The haul. Oh boy, that looks good. Peas... cherries... spinach... mutant radishes... there are some carrots buried back in there too, also the first of the season. I found some basil (but alas no mint, parsley or dill.) Look for these goodies coming soon to a food blog near you!

*Some of our food-labelling rules are mighty stupid.


Al said...

Good to see pictures of a market I've never been to. You mentioned that there were a number of meat vendors. Was there any local grassfed bison and/or elk being sold? Do you remember any farm names?
I love eggs! But I find it so sad to see those windowless barracks whenever I pass a 'farm-fresh eggs' sign on the highway.

Ferdzy said...

Hi Al!

Thank you for your comments. The meat is mainly local beef and pork. Nothing too much more exotic than I'm aware of. I don't remember the names, I'm afraid. It's mostly local good quality but traditional butchers.

If you are in Toronto, I doubt you can readily reach them, but check out the link for Meeting Place Organic Farm. They don't keep their chickens in a barracks, and I'm sure there are others out there like them.

Margarita Valli said...

I have enjoyed browsing through your blog!! I grew up in Cambridge, in fact, my family still lives there. I remember many trips to the Cambridge farmers market, as well as Saturdays at Kitchener and St. Jacobs. I have lived in the Okanagan Valley in BC now for 13 years, but always remember home!!!

Ferdzy said...

Thanks, Margarita! I guess things have changed a little since you've been here...

Gregory said...

Hi, I've enjoyed looking through your blog and seeing the photos of the Cambridge and Kitchener farmers' markets. Also, here's a link to my blog which lists how to find farmers markets across Canada: