Monday, 11 June 2007

Garlic-Ginger Cubes

These are very handy little objects to keep in the freezer. I expect to post a number of recipes that make use of them.

1 cup peeled garlic cloves
3 cups peeled chunks of fresh ginger
1/4 cup flavourless olive oil

Prepare the garlic and ginger, and purée it with the oil in a food processor or heavy duty blender until very smooth.

Scrape out the purée and put it in ice-cube trays. Freeze until solid. Remove from the ice-cube trays, and put loose in sealable freezer bags. Then, bag them again in a larger sealable freezer bag - you can put a bunch of smaller bags in one larger bag - unless you don't mind everything in the freezer reeking of ginger and garlic.

To use them, remove one or two as required and let thaw (45 seconds to a minute in the microwave will also do the trick) then use as directed in the recipe.

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